We create a friendly environment for promoting and selling books on the internet

This will allow for a longer life of a book on the shelf and an attractive and innovative form of its promotion

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Does your book have a microsite already?

Do you post advertisements for your books in the press and online? Do you notify journalists and bloggers about them? Do you contact readers through a newsletter? Does your publishing house have a Facebook profile? That’s great!
Use the potential of marketing activities and focus the attention of readers on the book for which you will create a unique place online – a place full of life and one that provides a possibility of reinforcing book sales.

What will you gain?

A microsite for your book will increase its popularity and sales. A tool that we will develop for you:

Book closed
comprehensive and attractive information about the book and author
Connected people
social module activating the readers
sale and presale support in all formats – hardcopy, eBook and audiobook
a tool for communication with the readers
information service for journalists

How do we work?

We are flexible and happy to cooperate. All activities completed in relation to the microsite can be assigned onto us and you can accept them at the last stage. You can also select one of the templates and fill it with information yourself

Still not satisfied?

Do you dream of a microsite but you feel you can achieve more in promoting your book? This is a point when BookSenso should step in! Our PR Agency has nearly 10 years of experience in book promotion. The synergy of activities will provide the effect you desire. BookSenso specialises in:

media relations
blogger relations
Social media
social media promotion
organising events

Why choose us?

Because we know how to do it and are passionate about it! We have known the book market for years and we have been operating in the marketing industry even longer :) We have succeeded many times which can be measured by popularity and sales results of books offered by various publishers. Based on this experience, we decided to create Microsite. We are technologically supported by a team of programmers who contribute to the success of Legimi.

We’re dealing in book promotion and sales online

A landing page isn’t a mere informational hub for your book and it’s author. It’s an opportunity to spread the word in social media and make it available for purchase. See how we manage to achieve these goals.
  • The Black Widow
    Daniel Silva
  • Cell 7
    Kerry Drewery
  • The Chemist
    Stephenie Meyer

How much does it cost?

Each job is priced individually. It depends on the type of the microsite, scope of our cooperation and support of BookSenso. Use the contact form and send us the key information about your book.